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I eat healthy food - ebook

Parents try to persuade Fenek to eat a healthy, vegetable salad. He doesn’t want to do it and has another idea for breakfast…. chocolate! Is it really a good idea?



Thanks to this book, your child will:

  • Thanks to this book, your child will:
  • learn what he/she should do and what he/she shouldn’t do to have healthy teeth;
  • get acquainted with a dentist’s office and learn that there is nothing to be scared of;
  • start associating appointments with the dentist with something pleasant and funny.

How to use all Fenek goods

  • Read a book to your children, ask questions that we have prepared on each page.
  • Use the soft toys or the hand puppets to discuss any difficult topic; role-play it with your children.
  • Sing a song dedicated to this book together.
  • Download the free colouring books, worksheets, and fill them in with your children.
  • You can also use the free lesson script.

Books for younger children

  • These 20-page brochures are published in series of four books each, and they are all thematically related.
  • They all have some fixed elements, which give children a sense of security and shape their emotional attachment to the main character.
  • With children’s comfort in mind, the illustrations are always on the left, and the main text – on the right.
  • At the bottom of each page with content, the children will find a few questions about the text and/or the illustrations, and they love it.
  • The last pages always feature some ideas on how to spend free time with one’s child. There are also some highlights on what a child will learn from a particular book, along with some advice given by an expert who elaborates on the topic at hand.
  • You will be able to connect them, creating books with a marked back, or publish them in the current form.

Enjoy reading!

In case of any problems with downloading, please contact us.

I eat healthy food - ebook