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I always wash my hands - ebook

Why should we wash our hands? What is a digital microscope? What do bacteria look like? Ms Panda will make sure Fenek and all the other little friends from Sunny Land have learned the answer to all these questions. Do you want to join them?



Thanks to this book, your child will:

  • learn why it is necessary to wash one’s hands;
  • get to know the situations in which it is necessary;
  • get acquainted with a new device, i.e. a digital microscope, and learn how it works;
  • get to know the proper way of washing one’s hands.

How to use all Fenek goods

  • get to know a new sports discipline, i.e. climbing;
  • find out what sort of equipment is necessary to do climbing;
  • learn the meaning of the word „safeguard”;
  • remember that sport is really important in life.

Books for younger children

  • These 20-page brochures are published in series of four books each, and they are all thematically related.
  • They all have some fixed elements, which give children a sense of security and shape their emotional attachment to the main character.
  • With children’s comfort in mind, the illustrations are always on the left, and the main text – on the right.
  • At the bottom of each page with content, the children will find a few questions about the text and/or the illustrations, and they love it.
  • The last pages always feature some ideas on how to spend free time with one’s child. There are also some highlights on what a child will learn from a particular book, along with some advice given by an expert who elaborates on the topic at hand.
  • You will be able to connect them, creating books with a marked back, or publish them in the current form.

Enjoy reading!

In case of any problems with downloading, please contact us.

I always wash my hands - ebook